Once we remove your braces, we will move into the retention stage of your treatment using a clear retainer, Hawley or a fixed retainer. Your final orthodontic result will depend on your commitment to wearing your retainers, so follow through with the hard work you’ve put in throughout the entire treatment process, and you can achieve the maximum benefits of your treatment.   Your orthodontist will determine what the best type of retainer or retainers is best for you.

Hawley Retainer

A Hawley includes a metal wire that typically surrounds the six anterior teeth and keeps them in place.  It is anchored in an acrylic arch that sits in the palate (roof of the mouth).

Clear Retainer

Also know as an essix and most commonly used, is a clear retainer similar to Invisalign aligners, when it comes to appearance and texture.

Fixed Retainer

A fixed retainer is simply a steel wire that is bonded on the lingual surface of your lower canines (eye teeth).

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